Wardend Fishery - Scottish flyfishing at its best!


Wardend Fishery aims to turn every fishing day into a remarkable day. Either with our healthy and hardfighting fish or with the daily treats available at the Fishing hut. The Fishery and its surroundings are our source and inspiration for more delights coming from Wardend Fishery. 

Please find below our range of products - all of them produced at the Fishery. The products are available for pickup at the Wardend Fishery - some are listed at "The Spey Larder" (Aberlour), the deli (Linkwood Elgin), Speyfruit / Jessica's Filipino Store (Elgin), Brodie's Countryfare (Brodie by Forres) (marked with *) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All below mentioned product prices include a deposit of 50p for the jar or the bottle.


The busy Fishery bees brought back rich blossom honey. 

Now available: Blossom honey, 8oz / 250g

£ 5,00


Now available with ingredients from the Fishery in a 500ml glass bottle.

- Elderflower Cordial: The scent of early summer in a bottle - very refreshing with cold water!
- Pink Elderflower Cordial: The scent of early summer in a bottle - Pink Elderflower's taste is even more intense and refreshing!
- Beebalm Cordial: Healthy & Refreshing - best with cold water!
- Elderberry Cordial: Autumn's sweet & dark harbinger! 

£ 5,00


A very tempting treat - either on freshly toasted bread, pancakes or ice cream.

Now available in a 8oz /230g jar.

£ 5,00


Now available in a 8oz /230g jar.
- Aronia Jam: The flavourful source of antioxidants
- Blackcurrant Jelly: Deliciously Dark
- Bramble Jam: Dark is flavourful
- Cherry JamMade with the famous fishery cherries
Elderberry Jelly: Autumn's sweet & dark harbinger
Gooseberry Jam
- Plum Jam: The Orchard's sweet temptation
- Raspberry Jam: Made with 100% Fishery Raspberries
- Redcurrant Jelly: Bursting of colour and flavour
- Rosehip Jelly: Spiky turns into glittery flavour
- Rowan Jelly: Bittersweet symphony - enjoy it sweet or savoury

£ 4,50