Wardend Fishery - Scottish flyfishing at its best!


Wardend Fishery is offering you hardfighting fish for remarkable moments in Morayshire.

Our offer

4h - Catch & Release only

£ 15

6h - Catch & Release only

£ 18

8h (=full day) - Catch & Release only

£ 20

Multi-ticket (20 x 4h Catch & Release)

£ 250 - you save 17%!

Annual permit

On request (info@wardendfishery.co.uk)

Groups from angling associations, schools, companies, etc.


Please get in touch with Kevin & Lydia to organise your angling excursion to Wardend Fishery (info@wardendfishery.co.uk)

Vouchers and gift cards

Please get in touch with Kevin & Lydia  (info@wardendfishery.co.uk)


The Boathouse is soon ready as holiday home. For more information about it check our accommodation offer. For caravan or campervan please get in touch with Kevin & Lydia  (info@wardendfishery.co.uk)

Tickets can be paid in the fishing hut or directly to the staff.

Our Fishery Rules

1) Enjoy fishing by respecting the fish, your surroundings and other anglers.
2) Barbless or de-barbed single hooks must be used anytime
3) Fly fishing only. Bait, flickers, spoons, and bungs or indicators aren't allowed.
4) Fish being released must not be handled or otherwise removed from the water.
5) Fish remain in the ownership of Wardend Fishery Ltd until paid for. 
6) Use a release tool (e.g. disgorger).
7) Minimum 6lb breaking strain recommended.
8) Management reserve the right to inspect tackle equipment. 
9) Please discard litter (e.g. line or fag ends) in the bins
10) All brown trout, tiger trout, and blue trout to be released
11) Management undertakes everything to make the fishery a nice and safe place. Anglers fish at their own risk.